1. Shipment by courier

Our company is co-operating with courier Speedex, a trustworthy courier which delivers the goods to your place in Greece. Shipment with other couriers is possible only under your operation with them for charging of your account and pick up of your order from our warehouse, prior our concerned information.

2. Shipment by transport company

Our company is also co-operating with the following transport companies, “MEKEL” & “PETAXTIS” delivering the goods in the corresponded areas of ATTIKI and THESSALIA. Shipment with other preferred to you transport companies, requires your coordination again for pick up of your order from our warehouse prior our concerned information.

We would like to note that we undertake an important part of the transport cost, cash on delivery fee included. In the chart below you can find the transport cost per box and per place delivered. All the areas are referred to delivery in Greece. To be updated with shipment details outside Greece, please contact us to info@e-podies.gr.




   Delivery delay**

Mainland Greece

Livardas Speedex

2€+vat / box

   1-2 working days

Island Greece

Livardas Speedex

4€+vat / box

   2-3 working days

Long-Distanced areas***

Livardas Speedex

7€+vat / box

   3-4 working days


Delivery Livardas - Melissas

2€+vat / box

   1-2 working days


Παράδοση προϊόντων απο Πεταχτή

2€+vat / box

   1-2 working days

* The cost refers to the normal transport service per box (up to 18kg). Any other service from Speedex courier like Saturday’s delivery or with Time commitment is offered upon your special request and under extra charge.

** The delivery delay is estimated approximately from the shipment date and is subject to modification due to force majeure.

*** Check here if your postal code is marked as long-distanced according to Speedex. (Ε.Π. = In zone, Α.Π. = Long-Distanced, Δ.Π. = Long-Distanced)

All above prices are subject to VAT 24%.

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